Изменилась почта/телефон и теперь не могу восстановить пароль. Как мне быть?

Как восстановить пароль если изменилась электронная почта или сменился телефон?

При восстановлении пароля в Личный кабинет, или торговый терминал приходит 2 проверочных кода. Первый код приходит на электронную почту, а второй код приходит на номер телефона, 差价合约(CFD) 差价合约(CFD) указанный в Личном кабинете.

В том случае, если Вы забыли 差价合约(CFD) пароль для входа, и у Вас сменился номер телефона, либо адрес электронной почты, то для восстановления доступа необходимо заполнить форму обратной связи на нашем сайте. Специалисты проверят Ваше обращение в течение одних рабочих суток, и направят Вам ответ на электронный адрес, указанный в обращении.


从根本上说,差价合约着眼的是您建立仓位和退出时的价格差异。例如,我们假设股票 A 的交易价格为 17.5 美元,您与经纪公司间进行差价合约交易。然后股票价格上升至 19.5 美元。此时您卖出仓位,获得 2 美元的利润。这等同于您买入股票然后卖出所能获得的利润。不过,您没有买卖股票——您的经纪公司直接把钱付给您,其中没有任何人真正买入股票。当然,如果股票(价格)下跌,您最终损失,则要付钱给经纪公司。

实际上,您在差价合约上所赚的并不刚好等于买入价和卖出价间的差异。当您第一次进入差价合约交易时,您会看到,您的仓位有很小的损失。这个损失就是差价,而这也是差价合约经纪公司的获利方式。例如,您可能会发现,差价是0.05 美元,因此,最初您的差价合约会相应显示 0.差价合约(CFD) 05 美元的损失。那么,对您来说,要保本的话,股价必须得上涨 0.05 美元。注意,差价合约经纪公司收取的差价通常比市场上的常规买卖差价要大,如果您试图在小幅价格波动时交易,这会是个劣势。

例如,让我们再回头来看股票 A。您想要买入 1000 股,这样按 17.5 差价合约(CFD) 美元的每股价格,需要 17500 美元。如果您实际买入这支股票,那么您的传统经纪商会给您 50% 的保证金比例。这意味着您必须拿出相应成本 50% 的现金,即8750美元。不过,差价合约经纪公司通常会让您用 5% 的保证金比例进行操作,这样,您只需要拿出 17500 美元的 5%,即一共只需 875 美元。这意味着,您可用较少的资金进行大仓位交易,这会增加您的获利潜力——不过,也会增加风险。

Dollar Slips Back Ahead of Key Fed Minutes Release

Investing.com — The dollar edged lower in early European trade Wednesday ahead of the release of the 差价合约(CFD) keenly-awaited minutes from the last Federal Reserve meeting, with traders 差价合约(CFD) 差价合约(CFD) looking for clues on the direction of the economy and interest rates.

At 4:04 AM ET (0804 GMT), the 差价合约(CFD) dollar index , which tracks the greenback against a basket of six other currencies, traded 0.1% lower at 92.483.

USD/JPY was flat at 110.60, EUR/USD rose 0.1% to 1.1831, while GBP/USD rose 0.1% to 1.3812, while the risk-sensitive AUD/USD rose 0.1% to 0.7505.

The dollar received a boost Tuesday as volatility surrounding the price of oil, the Chinese clampdown on the tech sector and a weak ISM non-manufacturing reading prompted a bout of risk aversion.

However, the greenback has since given back some of those gains ahead of the release of the minutes from the Fed’s June 2021 meeting, at 2:00 PM ET (1800 GMT), which are widely expected to offer clues to the central’s bank’s policy outlook moving forward.

“Concerns about a slower recovery after the grim non-manufacturing ISM reading yesterday are inherently tied to Fed’s rate expectations, and some investors may start to feel the danger of a Fed that will have to go ahead with its tightening cycle in 2023 even if the economy is in a more vulnerable state than currently expected,” said analysts at ING, in a note.

“ The FOMC June minutes are therefore set to be watched closely today, with markets weighing carefully the rationale behind the hawkish shift by policymakers.”

Additionally, the May release of job openings and labor turnover , at 10 AM ET, is expected to show 9.4 million vacancies for May, a small increase on the number of vacancies in April.

风险披露:差价合约(CFD)交易可能为您的资金带来高度风险,并导致超过您初始存款的损失。差价合约交易并不适合所有人,请确保您充分了解该风险。MT5ive Capital Markets Limited(MT5ive BHS)是一家在巴哈马联邦注册的公司,注册号为:200188 B。MT5ive BHS 由巴哈马认证委员会(SCB)授权和监管,许可证号为 SIA-F188。MT5ive BHS 的注册地址为 2 Beacon End Courtyard, London Road, Stanway, Colchester, United Kingdom, CO3 0NU。请细读有关法律文件中的相关风险披露政策。




Bitcoin Sank To The Lowest in About 18 Months

The story started when the TerraUSD collapse started on May 7, falling from $1 差价合约(CFD) to $0.007 today. However, the big question is where cryptocurrencies are going?

To answer this vague question, it is necessary to read the crypto leader, the Bitcoin. Next are the major fundamental and technical reading with detailed readings and expectations.

The Review:

Bitcoin sank to the lowest in about 18 months after the freezing of withdrawals by the Celsius lending platform, adding to the concern that systemic risk in the crypto ecosystem will accelerate the digital-asset market meltdown.

The collapse of the Terra/Luna ecosystem last month, and lender Celsius pausing withdrawals Monday, have further wrinkled certainty in this space. However, traders expect Celsius to face additional risks if the broader market sell-off intensifies. Also, Binance, the largest crypto trading platform, temporarily suspended withdrawals of the Bitcoin network because of a transaction processing issue, but withdrawals were later resumed.

Additionally, the world’s largest digital token tumbled 17%, reaching $20,000 and recording its lowest price since December 差价合约(CFD) 2020. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies also declined as a broader sell-off 差价合约(CFD) continued. Moreover, the MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100 Index, which measures top 100 tokens, dropped as much as 17%. And 差价合约(CFD) the total market value, which topped $3 trillion in November, dropped below $1 trillion in New York early this week.

Technically: Daily Chart (Medium term)

The leading cryptocurrency fell below its 18 months low, reaching a critical range between $20,000 and $16,000 (the blue range), which is supposed to absorb the momentum and slow down the fall. However, in the most probable scenario, the support range will not be enough to stop the fall, especially if the price falls below $18,400.

The volume of trading and sell-off is pressuring the Bitcoin towards the range between 12,500 and 10,000 (the red range). Furthermore, the 55 days moving average retains its negative signals and indicates resistance at $29,300. However, the Bollinger Bands signal a possibility of a corrective bounce from between $19,000 and $21,000. Meanwhile, RSI show overselling of BTCUSD and reads below 20 and BTCUSD below $20,000 while the MACD 差价合约(CFD) signals further decline and are heading towards $18,500 in the short term.

To conclude, the daily chart readings indicate a further decline, confirmed by most of the major technical indicators. Additionally, the trading volume and price action also pressure the prices below $18,500 in the short and medium terms.

Technically: Weekly Chart (Long term)

On the weekly 差价合约(CFD) 差价合约(CFD) chart, the Bitcoin chart does not show signs of recovery 差价合约(CFD) or correction. The weekly chat forming head and shoulders with a neck at $35,000, which was broken on May 8. Additionally, the long-term reading targets the bottom between $10,000 and $12,000 with a possible slowdown near 差价合约(CFD) $18,500 before the continuation.

Furthermore, Fibonacci retracement confirms the reading of the chart with the bottom below $10,000. On 差价合约(CFD) the other hand, technical indicators signal a continuation of the decline but no clear signal where the target is.