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I'm a small time web designer, with a handful of clients who are happy with my work. They are happy, I am happy - we're all happy.
Until one day, a very non-committal client comes along proclaiming to know 'nothing about this sort of thing', and requesting that I 'hold his hand' and 'babystep' him through the whole process.
Since 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? then it has been a nightmare. We had our initial meeting in which I rattled off my 13 page questionnaire that covers everything. I fired off a quote that I couldn't get to him fast enough, only to wait for 6 weeks for him to want to 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? move on it.
Fine, I say - I had room in my schedule, we met again, sketched 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? a little site outline, discussed content/ideas, and off I went to design.
He loved the mockup 'I'如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? m impressed' he says - so on we went to html.
Now he has a beautiful 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? frame, but has no idea what to put in it, which is entirely contrary to everything we had discussed in our first 2 meetings. In person, he seemed to know exactly what he wanted 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? - I could see the bubble over his head with his idea in it. Now, he's not sure how it's all going to 'tie together', and he needs to see it 'in action' before he can decide whether or not he likes it.
Here's an example - 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? I actually did acquire a collection of photos to be displayed. He asked me to start placing them on the website leaving room for him to write a text description underneath. I asked 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? him for a little more direction (how many pictures of each category would you like to display?) He says that until he sees it active he cannot decide if he wants 3 or 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? 6 or 12 on a page. So I respond that I will be placing three pictures, because, as the designer - I provide the suggestion that I think will work the best. In some cases, I did not even have 3 pictures for that category, so I used repeated pictures. I'm sure you can guess that after he saw the layout he asked how he was going to display more than 3 pictures. It turns out that after he saw it with 3 pictures, he realized he would need to display many many more. I, of course, responded in a way that required him to pay more money for adding more pages to display more pictures (as our agreement does indicate a page limit), unless he wants his users to scroll on forever. I do not even have the 'many more' pictures yet.
And finally, after increasingly large intervals 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? of silence between our communication, and his assurance that he will not 'rush' me, he suddenly needs to have it complete in one month, and I still don't have all of the content yet.
When I ask for it, he suggests another 'meeting' - I can't continue to have meetings to brainstorm - I can do that over the phone (It is over an hour for me to drive to his location and back, and I absolutely refuse to have clients to my private residence - which is where I work).
I have never worked with a client who can't figure out what they want on their web pages. I repeatedly suggest times that I am available for a call, but he makes no attempt to contact me during those times. (I did let him know up front that I had a limited availability).
Anyway - whether its deliberate or not - it's very difficult. I've found a way to respond 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? to change requests, but how can I get him to figure out what he wants, when he won't communicate with me over the phone, and it is very inconvenient for me to travel 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? to his location every time he has trouble visualizing.
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很抱歉得知您的问题,但我们大多数人都与“这个家伙”打交道。我遇到过更糟糕的经历,潜在的客户打电话给我开会(他确定日期和时间),让我等了将近2个小时,然后说:“我们将决定设计,让您知道” 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? 。一条简单的声明说,他可以通电话,而不会让我在上下班和等待时浪费5个多小时。无论如何,足够的抓地力。 我通常的策略是这些情况(在确定“哦,那个家伙再来一次”之后)是坚持预付款(通常占项目总预算的20%)。然后,当这些问题开始出现时,我明确指出,由于他的变更导致更多的工作,因此需要更多的资金。在付清这笔钱之前,没有更多的工作了。在大多数情况下,这阻止了“建议”的涌现,我可以完成工作。在某些情况下,客户不愿支付额外的款项,因此我放弃了该项目(预付款不退还)。在少数情况下,如果客户对技术不是很精通(通常不是),我会使用一连串强硬的技术术语(通常是毫无意义的)来吓really他,并阻止进一步的更改。诚然,这不是很好或专业,但是棘手的问题有时需要强硬的补救措施。

如何在Thunderbird中从Picasa 3.9邮寄照片?

Currently, on Ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04, if we want to mailing photos from Picasa 3.9 in Thunderbird 52, new mail pop-up but missing photos attached. This is an old bug. There was a work-around with a script but no longer working with Picasa 3.9 and Thunderbird 52. It's very annoying, because old people using Picasa 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? and Thunderbird really need to send their photos with Picasa and Thunderbird. Picasa 3.9 installed 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? with wine and works fine. How to mailing photos with Picasa 3.9 and Thunderbird 52?

How to send photos by email with Picasa

I assume that the picasa-hook-email.sh script is no longer used by Picasa 3.9 and is never 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? invoked. Instead it most probably relies on the MAPI interface to send e-mails. The wine implementation 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? of this interface however does not support attachments. It converts any request to send an e-mail into a mailto: -URL and this does not support attachments.

For the wine MAPI source code see here: https://source.winehq.org/source/dlls/winemapi/sendmail.c. Look at line 157ff: attachments are explicitly ignored.

  • I patched the sendmail.c source file to directly invoke Thunderbird instead of creating a mailto: -URL
  • I used the openSUSE Build Service to branch the official wine package and added the patch there
  • I downloaded the created package, extracted winemapi.dll.so and put it to the correct location.

But step by step. First have a look at https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:letsfindaway:branches:openSUSE:Leap:15.0/wine. This is where the branch is located. Everything is untouched, just the sendmail-thunderbird.patch was added and referenced in the wine.spec build file. You may have a look at the patch and apply it to the original source to see what I have changed.

The builds themselves can be 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? found when you click on "standard" below "wine" on the right hand side or directly there: https://build.opensuse.org/package/binaries/home:letsfindaway:branches:openSUSE:Leap:15.0/wine/standard. Are you using a 64-bit wine or a 32-bit wine running in a 64-bit environment? Depending on that download one of the following files:

  • wine-3.7-lp150..1.x86_64.rpm for 64-bit wine
  • wine-32bit-3.7-lp150..1.x86_64.rpm for 32-bit 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? wine running in a 64-bit environment
  • wine-3.7-lp150..1.i586.rpm for 32-bit wine running in a 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? 32-bit environment

The number is incremented each time I trigger a rebuild. Currently it should be "10".

Then extract the file /usr/lib/wine/winemapi.dll.so from the rpm package file. Under Linux, most graphical archivers 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? should be able to open the file. So it does not matter whether you're using openSUSE as I do. Even if you're using Ubuntu or any other distribution you should be able to extract that file.

It also (nearly) does not matter which wine version you're using. The 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? sendmail.c source file was not touched since wine 1.6.

Now place that file in 如何在我的ExpertOption帐户中存入资金? the corresponding location of your wine installation. Just to be sure rename the original file first, so that you still have it. If you're using PlayOnLinux, then you might have more than one wine installation, located below ~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/ . Be sure to do the replacement in the correct location!

The patch will not only affect Picasa, but any program using the MAPI to send e-mails. And it will of course never become an official patch, as it only works, when Thunderbird is installed as /usr/bin/thunderbird .

Simple Sidebar

The starting state of the menu will appear collapsed on smaller screens, and will appear non-collapsed on larger screens. When toggled using the button below, the menu will change.

Make sure to keep all page content within the #page-content-wrapper . The top navbar is optional, and just for demonstration. Just create an element with the #sidebarToggle ID which will toggle the menu when clicked.