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Very bad experience with Olymp trade. Worst ever platform I ce across. They have blocked my account after successful verification also. And after 50 mails also, their reply is same , we are working on this. No improvement,bad customer care service. Do not install this app. Not recommended at all.

Reply from Olymp Trade

Greetings, Arun Bhat.

It is a pity that you made such a conclusion but thank you for writing to us. Regarding your conclusion, Olymp Trade is a regulated and trustworthy company. We are strictly under the observation of our regulator - Finacom. That means Olymp Trade needs to comply with rules and regulations. These rules are stated in the Service Agreement, which you have agreed to before registering the Olymp Trade account. Any actions of failing to follow the rules could lead us to lose Olymp Trade 外汇策略 our certification. That’s why it is important for us to comply.

Regarding your blocked account, here is a thing that you can do. If you do not agree with the company’s decision, you can file a complaint via [email protected] You can include your ID account and the details of your case. They will review your case thoroughly and make the final decision.

如何使用 Olymp Trade 进行外汇交易?


该门户还显示挂单(限价单)。如果您想雇用他们,这取决于您的交易方式。如果他们有挂单,则需要以特定价格买入或卖出。让我们看看另一个,例如,你会在购买时购买的那个 欧元/美元突破 1.20000.

通过单击“向上”或“向下”,他们现在可以访问交易。交易佣金,必须支付给 经纪人, 显示在按钮下方。设定了佣金。佣金的价值取决于佣金的大小 交易 以及他们希望交易的物品。

  • 选择投资金额
  • 选择乘数(杠杆)
  • 使用自动关闭功能管理风险
  • 当价格达到目标时,通过使用挂单买卖来降低或增加货币价值。

步骤 #7:继续提取您的盈余

是时候了 提取您的资金 如果您从中获利 外汇交易。 值得注意的是,Olymp Trade 要求您将美元转入您的存款账户。你的名字应该出现在上面。在您进行首次提款之前,您还必须完成账户验证。

#7.1 登录您的Olymp Trade账户并选择提款

然后选择您要提款的账户。输入您想要的金额后点击继续 提取 (至少 $2)。如果交易者的账户中有足够的资金,交易将被批准,并且付款将发送到您的账户。


现在你知道了,从 Olymp Trade小菜一碟.

#7.2 检查您的提款状态

一旦交易者完成上述程序,他们的状态将被标记为“已请求”。同时,请求正在处理中, Olymp Trade 从您的帐户中提取资金。

然后,您可以继续 外汇分析 之前讨论过的步骤并在平台上进行新的交易。

为什么要选择 Olymp Trade 进行外汇交易?

我们已经讨论了如何使用 Olymp Trade 在外汇上交易货币对。但是,为什么只有 Olymp Trade?该平台为其交易者提供了哪些独特功能?让我们来了解一下:

#1 Olymp Trade乘数最大化利润并降低风险

该平台为其客户的外汇交易提供乘数,以将他们的利润提高到许多倍。例如,对于美元/英镑资产,平台可以放弃 500个乘数 这是巨大的,可以使外汇交易者受益良多。



#2 真实交易体验的完美平台

Olymp Trade以其 客户价值 无论交易者的表现如何。该平台专为精巧而打造,并且不会令人失望地迎合具有一些精英经验的交易者,尤其是那些想要启动交易游戏的交易者。

如果您是其中之一,我们建议您查看他们的 VIP 计划,该计划需要 $2000 (USD) 的公平存款。

什么 贵宾体验 必须提供?如果您利用他们的 VIP 会员资格,您最多可以交易 $5000 美元。有了这个,你可以让你的财务分析师帮助你建立一个坚实的 交易策略 让您通过您的交易伙伴。

#3 大市场的关键

如前所述,该平台专注于最大化客户的宝贵体验。那些喜欢交易外汇的人应该在这个平台上尝试一下。 为什么? Olymp Trade 做了一些非凡的工作以超越其竞争对手。

  • 您想在北美时段交易美元/日元吗?完毕!
  • 想与许多著名的货币对进行交易,例如- 欧元/美元、澳元/新西兰元和美元/加元?完毕!
  • 无法决定是在单一市场还是在多个市场进行交易?该平台为您提供保障。

客户还可以用美元交易黄金和白银,与货币挂钩的商品。 Olymp Trade外汇 还提供交易所交易基金 (ETF),包括美国房地产基金和巴西 Olymp Trade 外汇策略 MSCI 基金。也有很多可用的 奖金。 您可以通过桌面或 手机版。

许多公司声称提供出色的客户满意度。仍然, Olymp Trade 真的如它所说的那样工作,“精英”。‘ Olymp Trade 重视所有客户。它提供了三种不同的方式来与世界各地不同时区的 13 种不同语言的专家联系,无论他们的存款规模如何。

您是否遇到以下问题 Olymp Trade的几十张图表?凌晨四点在雅加达?开始在线对话,他们的一位专家将在 15 秒内为您服务,并使用您喜欢的语言。

Olymp Trade 外汇

您是否正在寻找一种更好的传统交流方式 Olymp Trade 代表?如果您来自印度、南非和 尼日利亚, Olymp Trade 提供电话帮助。此外,您可以向他们发送电子邮件,他们会及时回复您。

How To Trade And Win In Olymp Trade With A Simple And Easy Way

As beginners, many people want to test whether the Olymp Trade platform really pays money and lets you withdraw money or not. Here, in this article, I will show you one of the easiest ways to open a profitable order and make some profit in Olymp Trade. At the same time, I will give you a few notes on how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Video for making money in Olymp Trade Olymp Trade 外汇策略 with an account of $50

How to make money in Olymp Trade with a $50 account

Choose the reasonable trading assets in Olymp Trade

If you are new with a starter account Olymp Trade 外汇策略 of only $50, then you should choose currency pairs or assets with a payout rate of 80% or more. This is the profit ratio that you will receive if you win. For example, you enter 1 transaction of $100 with a payout of 80%. If you win, you will gain a profit of $80.

Selecting Fixed Time and the currency pair for trading

Notes: The higher the payout rate is, the more secure your balance becomes.

For example, you are trading with the USD/JPY pair and a payout of 60%. You open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You lose $20 for 2 losing orders and make $18 for 3 winning orders => Your balance is still losing $2.

But if you trade with the EUR/USD pair and a payout of 80%. You also open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You Olymp Trade 外汇策略 are still profitable with $4.

Advice for beginners: EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the best 2 currency pairs for you to get acquainted with during your first trades.

The principles of candlesticks

At different time frames, the price will have different fluctuations. It Olymp Trade 外汇策略 will also create different candlesticks. Just by observing, you can realize this.

For example, during this trading time frame, EUR/USD creates alternating green and red candles. There are at most 4 consecutive green candles, after which a red candle will appear. And vice versa, there are at most 4 consecutive red candles and then green candles will appear.

Analyzing candles in the Olymp Trade trading platform

Notes: Do not observe the 1-minute Japanese candlestick pattern. Fast fluctuations may make you lose money faster and easier.

Open correct orders

Now you know the principle of candles. The trading strategy for use in Olymp Trade that I mention Olymp Trade 外汇策略 now will be as follows. When 2 red candles appear in the market, you should start opening orders. Now you bet that the third candle will be a green one. If the third candle is still a red one, then open another order to bet that the fourth one will be green. It means that Olymp Trade 外汇策略 you will open 2 “HIGHER” orders continuously.

For details, you open 2 “HIGHER” orders to bet that a green candle will appear after 2 consecutive red candles.

Order 1: Bet on a green candle – open an UP order – $2 => LOSE

Opening an UP order

Order 2: Bet on a green candle – open 1 more UP order – $5 => WIN

Opening the second UP order

After 2 orders, you gain a profit of $2.1. Profit ratio is Olymp Trade 外汇策略 $2.1/$50 = 4% of the balance.

Know where to stop

Do you ever have these questions as follows? If you lose both orders in a row, what should you do? The answer is “Stop!”. When the movements of candles do not follow any cycle, then stop. Keep your money.

On the contrary, if you win, you should also know where to stop. You may find that you have only earned a few dollars. But in fact, the profit you gain is several percentages of your total capital.

How To Use The RSI Indicator Trading Strategies In Olymp Trade

How To Use The RSI Indicator Trading Strategies In Olymp Trade

In the previous post, I have shown you how to effectively trade Fixed Time using signals of the RSI divergence . In today’s article, I will bring you one last piece of the puzzle to make this strategy the most effective. It is the 50 median line of the RSI indicator and how to use it in Olymp Trade.

50 line – the precise trend confirmation signal of RSI

For the majority of traders, when using RSI, they are only interested in the 30 (oversold) and 70 (overbought) lines only. Few people know that the median 50 of the RSI is of great significance in determining the price trend of the market. Take a look at the image below so you can see this.

50 line – the precise trend confirmation signal of RSI

As you can see: When the price is in a downtrend, the RSI fluctuates around 30-50 lines. Conversely, when Olymp Trade 外汇策略 the price increases, the RSI is within the 50-70 lines. That is to say, Olymp Trade 外汇策略 the 50 line is the RSI dividing line, warning which trend the market is in. This is shown clearly when the RSI crosses the 50 line, the price has a trend reversal.

And this is the perfect piece for you to get the most accurate transactions with RSI.

How to use RSI indicator trading strategies in Olymp Trade

If you are not sure how to trade Olymp Trade using the divergence of RSI indicator, you can review it here:

Combined with the 50 line signal, we will have a complete trading strategy as follows.

Open an UP order when the following signals appear in turn

Open a DOWN order when the following signals appear in turn

*Notes: Open an order as soon as the confirmation candle completes.

Some typical examples

In this section, I will talk about 2 examples that demonstrate why the 50 line is so special in this trading strategy. Let’s see the examples one by one.

Example 1: The price has broken out of the resistance but RSI has not completely crossed the 50 line. This is an incorrect signal for you to open an UP order.

Example 1

Example 2: RSI has crossed the 50 line but the price has not yet surpassed the resistance. This is also an incorrect signal for you to open orders.

Example 2

In the two examples above, it can be seen that the 50 Olymp Trade 外汇策略 Olymp Trade 外汇策略 line helps to early identify an incorrect signal to avoid placing wrong orders. Very effective, isn’t it?


In Olymp Trade, the RSI indicator is one of the best tools that you can apply in trading. The signals it gives always have certain meanings to help you recognize something. The important thing is to know how to Olymp Trade 外汇策略 combine them, giving an objective signal about the market. From there, your judgment will be more confident than ever. The article should end here. Goodbye and see you again.