开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标

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ATFX's MT4 Trading Volume Ranks among the Top Five Worldwide for Three Consecutive Quarters

LONDON , June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Finance Magnates recently released its Market Intelligence 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 Report for Q1 2021, which ranks most global brokers based on different criteria. The report highlights the various developments in the global financial markets in Q1, including clients' trading volume and activity at each 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 broker in detail.

ATFX is honoured to announce that its MT4 trading volume was ranked among the top 5 MT4 brokers globally for the third consecutive quarter, with the MT4 trading volume reaching US $139 billion .

The ranking demonstrates ATFX's strong standing in the industry driven by its desire to meets its clients' need and serve them professionally. ATFX's management team believes that "the interests of clients override everything, and all our decisions are for the interests of clients ".

ATFX always strives to provide clients with high-quality 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 services and an efficient trading experience, which is why it launched the 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 new brand AT Premier for local investors in the Middle East , and the ATFX TeamUp APP for Latin America . At the same time, the annual total trading volume of ATFX connect, ATFX's institutional arm, increased by more than 500% year on year.

From its establishment up to now, ATFX has gone through multiple upgrades. The broker is constantly developing new features to improve its clients' experience. Some of the recent upgrades include the launch of an upgraded 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 member centre, a revamped trading platform, better platform interface management, cash management, and shock warnings triggered by 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 significant events.

In 2021, ATFX has won 7 global awards including the "Best Financial Technology Broker", the "开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 Best Trading Experience", the "Best MT4 Broker in Asia ". ATFX remains committed to its original aspiration of making the financial markets accessible to traders from every corner of the world via developing innovative technologies 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 and expanding product portfolio to create increased opportunities for traders.

ATFX is an award winning FX/CFD broker with an established global presence. Globally, the company has offices around 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 the world including London , Dubai , Mexico , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Thailand , Malaysia , Vietnam , and the Philippines offering support to its clients in more 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 than 15 different languages.

ATFX is 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus , the Financial Services Commission (开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 FSC) in Mauritius , and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


图中显示的,两个“”的第一栏为“TheFinancial Ombudsman Service”(金融服务监察局),(may be able to consider a dispute with this firm)认可为这家公司提供部分争端解决方案;第二栏为:“TheFinancial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)”(金融补偿计划)may be able to compensate customers if this firm fails(如果公司倒闭/破产能够为这家公司的客户提供补偿);

接下来继续往下翻“Warning / Cloned firms”(警告/克隆公司)如图:

“Individuals are using the details of this firm to suggest they work for the genuine firm. We call this a‘cloned firm’and it is typically part of a scam.”个人正在使用这家公司的详细资料来让客户认为他们为真正的公司工作。我们称之为“克隆公司”,这通常是骗局的一部分。



英文显示如图: 谷歌翻译的结果如图



开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标




开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标

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开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标

ATFX [1] 是艾特斯科技有限公司旗下金融品牌,国际分类为36。 [2] 主要提供保险信息、兑换货币、 股票和债券经纪、 开始在ATFX使用全新 Trading Central MT4分析指标 融资服务、金融管理、金融分析、电子转账、网上银行、资本投资、 金融信息等商品和服务。 [2]

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