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Developing a trading strategy is a crucial task in the pursuit of success. You can design 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade your own strategy that will be based on your skills and needs. However, it might be a 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade bit overwhelming at the beginning and so you can also apply ready systems. Today, I am going to present a simple EMA strategy with a quite high win rate. You can use it in Forex trading mode on the Olymp Trade plataforma.

Candlestick Pattern

Candlestick pattern is an extremely important knowledge in technical analysis. From simple candlestick patterns, you can fully predict the future price trend.

Here, How To Trade Blog will teach you a lot of reliable candle patterns. As well as the meaning and strategies of each 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade pattern. Especially, we show you how to use candlestick pattern with indicators to increase the probability of accuracy when trading.

Candlestick patterns that you must pay special attention to include:

– Single Candles: Shooting Star, Hammer, Pin Bar, Doji and Marubozu.

– 2 candles pattern: Tweezer Tops / Bottoms, Harami, Engulfing …

– 3 candles pattern: Morning Star, Evening Star, Three Inside Up / Down, Three white soldiers, Three black crows.在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 — это торговая платформа для Форекса, анализа финансовых рынков и использования торговых советников. Мобильный трейдинг, Торговые Сигналы и Маркет — все это тоже MetaTrader 4, и все это пригодится вам при работе на рынке Форекс.

MetaTrader 4 для компьютеров с Windows, Mac OS X и Linux. А также для мобильных устройств на iOS и Android.

Миллионы трейдеров с самыми разными потребностями выбирают MetaTrader 4, чтобы совершать торговые операции на рынке. Независимо от уровня подготовки платформа предлагает трейдерам самые широкие возможности: продвинутый технический анализ, гибкую торговую систему, алгоритмический трейдинг и торговых советников, а также приложения для мобильного трейдинга.

Торговые сигналы и Маркет являются дополнительными сервисами и расширяют функционал MetaTrader 4 до новых горизонтов. Сигналы позволяют автоматически копировать сделки других трейдеров, а в Маркете 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade можно купить торговых роботов и технические индикаторы.

Скачайте MetaTrader 4 и получите самые широкие возможности для торговли на Форекс

Торгуйте на рынке при помощи смартфона или планшетного компьютера

Автоматизируйте свою торговлю и пусть советник (Expert Advisor) анализирует рынки и торгует вместо вас

Торгуйте на финансовых рынках через любой браузер в любой операционной системе

Купите или арендуйте 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade торгового робота и технический индикатор, чтобы повысить уровень своего трейдинга

Подпишитесь на сигналы другого трейдера, чтобы повторять все его торговые операции

Читайте новости и статьи по трейдингу, общайтесь с другими трейдерами, чтобы узнать о форексе что-то новое


В 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade четверг 14 октября 2021 года будет выпущено обновление MetaTrader 4. В нем исправлен ряд ошибок и повышена стабильность работы платформы.

В пятницу 23 июля 2021 года будет выпущено обновление MetaTrader 4. В нем исправлен ряд 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade ошибок и повышена стабильность работы платформы.

Обновлен DMG-пакет для легкой установки MetaTrader 4 на компьютерах с macOS. При 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade помощи него платформа устанавливается как обычное приложение — нужно перетащить иконку платформы в Applications и дождаться, пока закончится инсталляция.

MetaQuotes разрабатывает программное обеспечение и не предоставляет инвестиционных или брокерских услуг

Olymp Trade - Online Trading 4+

Trading app by a world-class broker. More than 80 most popular assets, demo account training, outstanding service and multilingual support 24/7.

Olymp Trade is an international broker that provides its users access to 100+ financial instruments on its platform. With this trading app, you will be able to become one of our successful 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade traders, using your smartphone to trade, train, and analyze the market.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface of our mobile trading app allows you to easily find and use indicators and analytical 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade tools to make winning trades. Choose the type of asset you prefer, there are a few examples of them:
● Stocks: Apple, Tesla, Google
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● Metals: Gold, Silver
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● ETF and many other assets are available for trading.

A special training account will 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade help you learn how to trade online without risking your funds. All registered users get access to 10,000 units on a demo account, which they can always reset. You can switch to a live account, deposit funds into it, and trade whenever you want.

Olymp Trade hosts regular tournaments, allowing 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade you to test your mettle against traders from all across the globe in order to win grand prizes. On 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Tra在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade de our platform, you’ll be able to attend both regular weekly tournaments, as well as competitions devoted to special occasions.

Our trading platform provides education in the form of courses, webinars, trading strategies, analytics, and news that will be helpful to both novices and experts. You can achieve 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade the more advanced materials and tools by getting XP for Trader’s Way and leveling up your account. Get 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade investing advice and tips from professional analysts for free!

Each of our traders can get an exclusive status that enables them to trade on special terms, and consult a personal manager. With Olymp Trade, you become a member of the international trading community. Take part in regular contests 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade and tournaments to get valuable prizes and gifts!

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A new mode on our platform that submerges traders in the workings of a stock market. Trade assets that follow the stocks' quote prices online, giving you an opportunity for more profit. Learn more about the inner workings of stock exchanges and their benefits with us.

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A special loyalty program that rewards you for trading online with us. You can earn XP and level up your account, unlocking new tools and receiving different rewards. With enough XP, you will be able to increase your account’s status, getting even more 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade benefits to enhance your trading experience.

You can complete daily tasks to earn more XP for your account and to receive more rewards on Trader’s Way. Dailies are a great way to speed 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade up leveling, as you get XP both for achieving set goals and for completing individual trades.

A simple 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade rule-based EMA strategy for Olymp Trade

2 EMA strategy Olymp Trade

Developing a trading strategy is a crucial task in the pursuit of success. You can design your own strategy that will be based on your skills and needs. However, it might be a bit overwhelming at the beginning and so you can also apply ready systems. Today, I am going to present a simple EMA strategy with a quite high win rate. You can use it in Forex trading mode on the Olymp Trade plataforma.

A simple rule-based EMA strategy

You are about to learn a simple strategy that is based on the Exponential Moving Average indicator. In fact, you are going to need two of the EMAs. But first, prepare the chart.

Chart preparations

Inicia la sessió al teu compte Olymp Trade trading account. You should think well through what kind of asset you are going to use, the amount of money you are going to invest and also the risk management. Set 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade the type of the chart and its period to 1 hour, and then go to the indicators icon.

Find the Exponential Moving Average. It comes with default settings however, you will need to change them. You are going to use two EMAs, so you might wish to differentiate them by choosing the distinct 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade colours for each. The period of the first EMA should be set at 50 and the second 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade at 20.

1-hour EURUSD chart ready to trade

Trading with the EMA based strategy on the Olymp Trade plataforma

In order to enter the trade, you must wait for some conditions to occur.

The first thing is to look at the Mitjana mòbil exponencial with the period of 20 and wait when it crosses the EMA with the period of 50.

Then, you should look for the first pullback to the EMA20 that happens after the 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade crossover of the EMAs.

Entering a long trade

You can look for opportunities to go long when the EMA20 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade crosses the EMA50 from below and moves above it.

A successful long trade example with EMA strategy

Then wait for the price to pull back to the EMA20. Enter when the price bar touches the indicator’s line. Above you will find such 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade a situation on the EURUSD chart. On the hourly time frame the fast moving average crosses the 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade slow average upwards (1). The price then goes up and starts to fall. We buy when the price 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade touches the EMA20 (2). The target level for this trade is the price of the previous peak (green rectangle). If after the entry the price goes in the other direction, we should close the trade when the price makes a counter move equal to our target (red rectangle).

This will result in a Reward to Risk ratio of 1:1. However, I am not saying this is the only option. You should check different scenarios and see what works best for you.

Obrint una posició curta

Take a 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade look at the GBPUSD chart below. To open a short position the EMA20 should cross below the EMA50 (1) and continue below it. Enter when the price pulls back to the EMA20 and touches its 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade line (2).

A successful short trade example on GBPUSD 1 hour chart

Target lowest point of the price before the pullback to place the take profit.

Use 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade a 1:1 risk-reward ratio to place a mental stop loss for this trade.


The strategy described in today’s article is pretty simple and can be used by anyone. Yet, it has proved its efficiency. You must be consistent in following the strategy and have good gestió de riscos preparat.

The rules are pretty straightforward. Add two EMAs to the chart. One with the period of 50 and the other 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade with the period of 20. Wait for their crossover and then for the pullback to the EMA20.

I was using the 1:1 risk-reward ratio but you should test various options to maximise the profits 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade you may get.

Feu servir l' Olymp Trade demo account where you can practice trading with this 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade simple EMA based strategy. Check how it performs, make notes of the results you have received and introduce necessary adjustments. Take your time to do it as you do not risk money trading in the 在以下位置设置EMA指标 Olymp Trade demo account. Naturally, you would gain nothing either so switch to the live account once you are ready.